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A Biblically based course for premarital or inexperienced lovers for amazing marital intimacy by God’s design.

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A biblically based course for premarital or inexperienced lovers

PRICE:  $350 


If you are one of the first 100 people to purchase the course, you’ll get $75 off! Making it just $275! This material can set the foundation for your honeymoon intimacy and a fulfilling, satisfying marriage! This course will be so empowering to you and your future spouse!

Also, when you purchase the Newlywed Intimacy Course, you’ll have lifetime access! This means you can feel free to watch a particular lesson two, three, or ten times-that’s your business! The downloads are also yours to keep! You can even do the worksheets again at a later time as you grow together!

This Christian course was designed for the couple seeking a great biblically based foundation for the intimacy in their marriage. It is ideal for couples with little to no sexual experience but can definitely benefit any level of marriage if you find your marriage intimacy lacking.

This course will provide you not only a basic understanding of God’s design for sex in marriage, but also, the tools to come to the marriage bed prepared and confident! After this course, you will know the ins and outs of sex (pun intended) to provide satisfying and fulfilling marriage intimacy for your happily ever after!

What's Included:

This course consists of 5 Modules.

Each module contains 2-4 Lessons.

Biblical Basics

God's Design for sex & intimacy - Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual Intimacy - Goals in Intimacy

Potential Obstacles

Self Consciousness - Lust - Pornography - Disconnects - Sexual Pain

His & Hers

Male Sexuality - Female Sexuality - Hygiene & Grooming

Same Book, Same Page

Sexpectations - Family Planning

All About The "O"

All Things Orgasm - Foreplay Tips - Sexual Tips

Extras & Bonus Content

Sexual Positions - His & Her W3- Want it, Will Do it, Won’t do it - Love Languages for Sex - Sexual Anatomy Diagrams

Start Your Marriage Off Right!

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About C Nichole

Hi! I'm C

I’m C, that Christian Sex gal that loves Jesus and Christmas! My educational background is in Psychology and Theology with an emphasis on Healthy Sexuality & Relationships! I created this course because while sex is a big part of marriage, it can, at times prove tough to navigate.

This encouraging course will provide you the resource to help you both experience the best kind of sex there is – by God’s design!

This course is an investment into your marriage that will last a lifetime!
Sex is a big part of marriage, and there will be ups and downs. At some point in your marriage, you’re sure to experience both. The tools and information you find here will better equip you to handle those moments and maintain a rockin’ marriage bed (pun intended)! Take charge of your intimacy today!

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